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Monday, May 15, 2006

Football is a religion !!

“Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I can assure them, it is much more serious than that!”. Words of wisdom from the great Liverpool legend Bill Shankly, but are we really to believe that football is anything more than simply ‘a game of two halves’?

Britons everywhere are increasingly deserting the church in favour of the pitch. The players are God’s, the stands are the pews, and hymns passionately sung by thousands can be heard for miles around. Football is the newest, hippest religion around.

Football provides the ritual for weekend gatherings for the truly committed, those less devout can opt for Match of the Day – football’s Song’s of Praise. To actually see first hand, thousands of people singing their hearts out, hands held high to a greater being is quite an emotional experience. But this is not a worship ceremony in a Harlem Pentecostal super-church. It is Old Trafford, The Cop, The Shelf and the North Bank (to name a few)!

In this ‘beautiful game’ the players are righteous holy beings. Football even has special clothes to distinguish the professionals from the laity. The difference is however, that few Christians go to church wearing the vestments of their favourite priest!

Football undoubtedly takes on religious themes but is it actually a religion? What is religion anyway? To search back to its Latin origins would be to find the meaning ‘to bind’ or to ‘join’. Religion is not necessarily about god – for example Buddha never denied or accepted that there was in fact a God. Thus religion is about togetherness.

Football clearly has the tribalism associated with religion. It brings together the young, the old, the rich and the poor. It even has its fundamentalists, the hundreds of foolish hooligans that think violence is the best illustration of their devotion. Whatever the comparison, football engages people in a mass, emotional display of faith and collective strength just like Christianity used to.

Football gives us a new purpose, a new meaning, a new way of life!
I choose to believe in Liverpool and how bout you?

Sunday, May 07, 2006


最近在体秤上看到不熟悉的数目字、好慌。大清早就和胖姐到Fitness Gym Center去健身。碰碰碰的节奏曲+肌肉男+一大群老姨+少数的辣妹是当然的情景。
第一次在那循环不断的跑场, 不变的风景, 汗流浃背的20分钟,想了好多东西却是那么的可笑的。高级昂貴的跑步机已成了我的健身器,秩序安份的新加披是我想要的生活方式,那我和现代宠物老鼠有何不一样?规化的城市,鸟笼的住宅,箱子的地铁和巴士都是梦寐以求的。原来发展的国家只不过是个设备其全的老鼠笼,偶尔你也来跑跑步吧!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Gone..... Going......

You see yourself in the mirror. And you feel safe coz it looks familiar.
But you afraid to open up your soul.
Coz you don't really know, don't really know Who is, the person that's deep within.
Coz you are content with just being the name-brand man.
And you fail to see that its trivialInsignificant, you addicted to material.
I've seen your kind before.
You're the type that thinks souls is sold in a store. Packaged up with incense sticks. With them vegetarian meals.To you that's righteous.You're fiction like books.
You need to go out to life and look Coz...
what happens when they take your material. You already sold your soul

And its gone... gone... going...Gone... everything gone... give a damn...
Gone be the birds when they don't want to sing...
Gone people... up awkward with their things... gone.

All that money that you got gonna be gone

That gear that you rock gonna be gone

The house up on the hill gonna be gone

The gold purse on your grill gonna be gone

The ice on your wrist gonna be gone

That nice little Miss gonna be gone

That whip that you roll gonna be gone

And what's worst is your soul's already gone

specially thanks to my "very" materialistic friend in singapore who inspired me to rock/blog.?!